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FREE Download. Get your PC running faster today!



Softchec PC Repair is the best free performance software to speed-up your PC device and clean up your PC under windows 10, 8, 7.

With PC-Tuner you can clean up all your junk files, ensure all your private information, photos and videos are protected and improve your internet connections giving you a faster, cleaner PC. What’s more, Softchec PC Repair can scan startup items, disabling unnecessary programs to boost startup time.

Download it now. FREE. And breath new life into your PC.

  • Repairs Hard Drive Errors
  • Checks/Repairs Corruption In Windows System Files
  • Checks/Disables Startup Items 


Protect all your valuable information like banking details from prying eyes at home, the office or on the internet. Safeguard your devise from malicious that could be automatically installed on your device whilst visiting high traffic sites. Protect yourself from identity theft by ensuring your existing firewall, anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-ransom software are all up to date:

  • Checks Antivirus, Firewall, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Ransom
  • Ability to enable or disable any of the above functions
  • Will activate basic windows security (Defender and Firewall)


As an all in one optimisation solution Softchec PC Repair also improves your browsing experience, clearing browser junk for better streaming and lightening internet speed. Softchec PC Repair, checks your device system security and ensures systems are active to prevent malicious attacks. For better browsing protection, ad-blockers are employed to enjoy a secure & smooth browsing experience free from annoying pop-up ads on web pages. IE, Chrome & Firefox supported.

  • Provides Network Info (connections, usage, speed)
  • Retrieves Wifi Passwords users cant access
  • Checks Connection Ping response, for when users have trouble with connections dropping
  • Flushes Connections and reconnects, for when users have trouble with connecting

Save Money. Free up Space With Softchec PC Repair!

Free up your hard drives for more space to hold your valuable files, videos and photos. Softchec PC Repair will calculate the amount of space you have available,
the amount of space you used and the remaining space you have on all your hard drives. With Softchec PC Repair you can easily repair any problems with your hard drive if it has been corrupted. Scan your all your drives for duplicate files and remove in minutes to create as much space as you need. Calculates the amount of available space, used space and total available space on all hard drives:

  • Disk Clean on any selected drive, to clear more space
  • Repair drive corruption
  • Scan and remove duplicate files

Stay Safe with Updates from Softchec PC Repair

Make sure you are one step ahead of viruses and nasty malware with updates. Never miss a beat. Know when and here your last update occurred. Clear your update cache for more memory. Clear update errors and always stay ahead with the latest version of windows.

  • Detailed log of the last system update
  • Clear update caches and free up memory
  • Resets the update service, to clear update errors
  • Re-triggers a system update
  • Upgrades current windows to latest version 

About Softchec

Softchec is a professional and independent software company founded in 2017. We specialize in PC repair software and support for private consumers and small businesses.

Founded by a team of geeks who previously worked for some of the biggest names in the business, our experience and desire to deliver better and lasting solutions to the end user led to the birth of Softchec, which today is among the leading European based PC Repair software publishers.

Based in Malaga, Spain’s first smart city, the location is a new hub for tech entrepreneurs and offers us an ocean of talent  which to draw upon as our company it’s meteoric growth. As a cultural diverse city, also means we can provide support for our clients from all over the world in most languages.

Softchec offers a ready to go concept that can be implemented in days and can immediately increase customer satisfaction and online internet security. It also boosts company revenue, profits and credibility because Softchec for their customers is far beyond just selling its core products.